iGaming Business, one of bV1sion’s media partners, has released an overview of the social casino industry, previewing the bV1sion Q1 2020 Social Casino Data Wall focusing on the COVID-19 outbreak.

Key headlines from the article are:

  • The first quarter of the year has been dominated by the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. This drove an acceleration of growth towards the end of the quarter and into early Q2, although there remains risk of a slowdown towards the end of the year if there is a significant economic downturn.
  • Analysis of industry growth rates shows a marked increase in GGR growth in March, which then accelerated into April.
  • Across March as a whole, year-on-year GGR growth accelerated by c.8% compared to that seen in February, and in April this had increased to 43% incremental GGR growth versus the start of 2020.
  • By contrast, downloads appear to have peaked, with the big increase in downloads occurring in March when the lockdowns started in many regions.
  • Although the Covid-19 outbreak has seen social casino growth generally accelerate across the board, China has seen a particularly pronounced uptick, although this is likely due to the length and severity of the lockdown in the region.
  • With the US by far the largest individual market, North America continues to drive the lion’s share of global revenues, representing 71% of the entire market.
  • While DARPU will continue to be the main driver of GGR growth (bV1ision forecasts DARPU growth in 2020 of 5.4%), the increase in DAUs – in part driven by an increase in the total user base – is a welcome positive for the industry.

For the full article, please visit: https://www.igamingbusiness.com/social-casino-dashboard-q1-2020

For more detail on the underlying numbers and forecasts, please contact sales@bV1sion.com