iGaming Business Previews bV1sion Q4 2019 Data Wall

iGaming Business, one of bV1sion’s media partners, has released an overview of the social casino industry, previewing the bV1sion Q4 2019 Social Casino Data Wall.

Key headlines from the article are:

  • 2019 started strongly, but a more subdued Q3 performance led us to reduce our FY growth forecast to 6% year-on-year. While we are yet to receive operator data for Q4, our analysis suggests a slight improvement in growth rates on Q3.
  • We forecast mid-single digit percentage year-on-year growth going forward, with 2019 GGR expected to come in at $5.3bn (up from $5bn in 2018), growing to $5.7bn in 2020 and reaching $7.2bn by 2024.
  • The source of growth in 2019 has been an increase in daily average revenue per user (DARPU) rather than any meaningful increase in the user base.
  • bV1sion’s comprehensive database estimates this to continue as the dominant driver in 2020 (+5.4% y/y), although it also expects a slight growth in DAUs (+0.9% y/y).
  • We also expect Europe and Oceania to return to reasonable growth after a subdued 2019. However, we do not expect a return to double-digit growth rates, and operators looking to outperform this will have to do so by taking market share.

For the full article, please visit: https://www.igamingbusiness.com/social-casino-dashboard-q4-2019

For more detail on the underlying numbers and forecasts, please contact sales@bV1sion.com