59% of social casino players are female… but probably not in your market

According to a report on player demographics by the ISGA, 59% of social casino players are female – or in round numbers, the split between females and males is 60/40, which means that there are 1.5x as many female social casino players as males.

Now that you know that, you know that your game content and marketing should have a female skew, because 60% of your players are female. Except, they’re not. Well, they are – but probably not in your market. Huh?

The problem with statistics – or at least, averages – is that there is no such thing as an average player. Averages are great to get a market overview – to give you a quick snapshot of things. But making business decisions for individual markets based on global averages? That won’t give you the correct answer. Let’s take an example:

  • We know that 60% of social casino players are female. However, in Asia and Europe,there are in fact more males than females playing social casino games.
  • Europe has only 36% of social casino players who are female – meaning that males areoutnumbering females by almost two to one.
  • By contrast, North America has only 35% of social casino players who are male,meaning that females are outnumbering males by almost two to one.
  • There are even bigger discrepancies between individual countries – in India, almost75% of players are male, whereas in the US, this is less than 35%.

So, if you’re targeting the UK market, why would you be basing your business plan on the statistic that 60% of the market is female, when in fact, 60% of the UK market is male? It may not seem like a big difference, but you’re making a decision based on the assumption that there are 1.5x the number of female players than male players, when in fact there are 1.5x the number of male players than female players.

Better data allows companies to make better business decisions. That there is a 60/40 split of female to male social casino players is good to know. As long as you also know that whatevermarket you’re looking at, it won’t have 59% of females playing social casino….